Sending Apple Push Notifications in ASP.NET and C# – part 3 (APNS Certificates Registration on Windows)

Now that we have our certificate and our key for that, Its time to install them on Development Machine we will use t send the apple push notifications.

The approach for this task is pretty strait forward but unfortunately I could not find a complete article about it when i was developing my first application.

Step one : Open Microsoft Management Console

To do this press Windows + R keys at the same time to open Run. Type ‘mmc’ and press enter.

This should open Following window on your screen:

Step Two: Add Certificates Snap-in to your console

Click on file and select Add/Remove snap-in from menu. This will open a new window with a list of available snap-ins on the left .

Select Certificates form list on the left and hit Add button. Select Computer Account form the next prompt , Local computer form next one and click on finish.

Your Add snap-in window should look like this:

And when you click ok button you will see :

Step Three: Certificate installation

Click on Certificates(local Computer) to expand the list. Right click on personal, then select all tasks and click on import. This will open Certificate import wizard.

Click on next ,and select your .cer file in next step. In next step select second option to place all certificates in Personal store.

Press finish and you should see a confirmation message about successful installation on Certificate.

Repeat above step to import your .P12 file, now Expand Personal on left side and click on certificates.You should be able to see your certificate in right panel. If your .p12 is password protected , you need to enter the password in the wizard.

Repeat all import process to import your certificate and .p12 files to ” Trusted Root Certification Authorities ” Section.

Now you have imported required certificates to sign your APNS messages to Apple push notification server.

In Next and last part of this Article series, I will cover how you can send apple push notifications from your application.